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RT-PRW agitator

Varipeller submersible agitator

Biogastechnik Süd GmbH

The Varipeller submersible agitator, type RT-TRW, is designed exclusively to mix and homogenise substrates in agricultural slurry tanks and substrates in digesters, digestion containers and pre-pits of biogas plants. It is has been developed for slurry and feedstock of low to medium viscosity (dry matter content of 6 % up to 12 %). The RT-TRW submersible agitator is suitable for pH values of 6.5 - 8.5 and an ambient temperature of max. +55 °C.

The technical design focus of the RT-TRW is an impeller with optimized flow properties for viscous substrates. This results in an optimal and energy-efficient transfer of mixing energy into the liquid substrate.

During operation, the RT-TRW is submersed in the substrate. A lifting device with winch can be used to adjust the operating height of the RT-TRW to the pit fill level.
The swivel mechanism at the installation pole allows adjusting the mixing direction of the substrate.

The RT-TRW submersible agitator was designed and constructed according to the most stringent safety requirements and after careful selection of the relevant harmonised standards and other technical specifications. Thus, it meets the current state of the art and guarantees a maximum level of safety.

The RT-TRW submersible agitator has been designed in line with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and must not be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.



The RT-TRW is part of a mixing system which consists of four components:
- RT-TRW submersible agitator with console
- vertical installation pole with rotation device (optional)
- lifting mechanism with winch (optional)
- connecting cable installation kit

All four components are needed to install and commission the RT-TRW submersible agitator. We deliver the RT-TRW submersible agitator and the connecting cable installation kit. We will be pleased to help you select the other components.

The RT-TRW submersible agitator sits on a solid console. The guiding rollers and the holder for the lifting cable are attached to the console.
When the RT-TRW is adjusted to the operating height with the winch, the rollers guide the console up and down the vertical installation pole.

The installation pole can be rotated 45° to the left or right from its initial position with the aid of the swivel mechanism. This determines the mixing direction of the substrate within the tank.

The connecting cable installation kit depends on the design of the slurry tank. We supply connection cables both for slurry tanks installed in the ground and high above ground level.



The RT-TRW is controlled by the main plant control system, a customer-installed starpoint/delta circuit or by soft starter.


- Connecting cable I installation kit to install the connecting cable with cable bushing halfway up the container wall.

- Connecting cable II installation kit to install the connecting cable with cable bushing at the upper edge of the container wall and with a fixing point halfway up the container wall.


- vertical installation pole
- lifting device with winch

Technical data

Drive: electric motor with planetary gear
Power rating: 15 kW
Output speed: 1465 rpm
Impeller speed: 244 rpm
Electrical connection: 400 – 690 V AC, 50 Hz
Impeller diameter: 846 mm
Total length (incl. support and impeller): 1340 mm
Width: 850 mm
Height: 850 mm
Total weight (incl. console): 385 kg


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