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heat exchanger WT-SWT

Heatcrack substrate heat exchanger

Biogastechnik Süd GmbH

Low-priced feedstock such as solid manure, grass and silage is used to feed biogas plants equipped with robust technology. The naturally high fibre content in these substrates places great demands on both the technology and the biology. The raw fibres in the substrate are extremely difficult to "digest" for the bacteria in the digester. Our WT-SWT heat technology breaks down the unprocessed raw fibre contents in a thermal process so that they can be processed more easily by the bacteria. The heat technology tests conducted by our research laboratory have yielded excellent results: In practice, the biogas yield is increased by up to 5 % by using the substrate break-down system.



The WT-SWT comprises the following components:
Pipes (1), heat insulation (2), flange connection DN150 PN16 for substrate outlet (3), temperature measurement (4), flange connection DN150 PN16 for substrate inlet (5), hot water outlet 1¼“ inside (6) and hot water inlet 1¼“ inside (7)


Function description
The WT-SWT is installed in the substrate flow between digester and post-digester. The substrate which passes through is heated in the process.
The WT-SWT consists of a tubular heat exchanger which is supplied with heat by the heating water of the combined heat and power station.
The WT-SWT is fed by a displacement pump which consistently pumps the substrate through the WT-SWT in numerous short pump cycles evenly over a period of 24 hours. The substrate remains in the WT-SWT for at least 35 minutes. When the substrate leaves the WT-SWT, it has a temperature of 75-80 °C which improves both the speed of digestion and the degree of digestion in the post-digester.
Due to the high substrate temperature upon entering the post-digester (receiving pit downstream of the WT-SWT), virtually no additional heating is needed to operate the digester.
The result: The gas yield is increased significantly with the same amount of substrate.

Technical data

Substrate connection: eight hole flange DN150 PN16
Water connection: steel thread fitting 1 1/4"
Water fill volume: 458.5 litres
Substrate content: 1.15 cubic metres
Throughput: up to 40 cubic metres per day depending on the viscosity
Insulation: mineral fibre woven mats coated with galvanised steel sheet
Supply water temperature: min. 90°C
Heating capacity at 40 cubic metres per day: approx. 80-90 kW (heating from 40°C to 75-80°C)
Water return temperature: min. 75°C
Final substrate temperature: approx. 75 - 80 °C depending on the residence time in the WT-SWT
Weight: approx. 2700 kg
Operating weight: approx. 4300 kg



Datenblatt Substratwärmetauscher WT-SWT_DE
Data sheet Substrate heat exchanger WT-SWT_EN
101 001 01 BRO WT SWT DE KD.pdf
101 015 03 BRO VVT GRV FR KD.pdf
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