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Easyfeeder Top FA with push-off container

Biogastechnik Süd GmbH

The Easyfeeder Top FA solids feeding system with push-off container, type EBT-T-FA-AM, is designed for feeding the digester with renewable raw materials (RRM) such as grass and maize silage or similar biomass. But also more challenging materials such as all kinds of manure are processed without difficulty.
In the case of the EBT-T-FA-AM solids feeder, a loader fills the solid feedstock into the push-off container.

The ejector inside the push-off container pushes the substrate into the rotary grinders of the shredder attachment. There, the directly driven rotary grinders feed the solid feedstock into the horizontal screw conveyor. The horizontal screw conveyor transports the material further on to the inclined screw conveyor. The inclined screw transports the solid to the feed screw which feeds the separated material into the digester.

Already during the development of the proved and tested feeding technology, the focus has been on minimising energy consumption and wear.
The EBT-T-FA-AM is characterised by a simple and robust design. This makes the solids feeder particularly user-friendly and easy to maintain.
The system can be controlled directly at the unit via an optional stand-alone control cabinet or using the main control system of the biogas plant depending on the specific project. The user only has to program the pause and operating times. As an alternative to time-based control, the system can be controlled based on weight.

All drives are equipped with adjustable load monitoring. The interval control with automatic reversing function in the event of overload ensures smooth and trouble-free operation.
The EBT-T-FA-AM has been designed in line with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and is conditionally approved for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres.



The basic unit of the EBT-T-FA-AM consists of the horizontal screw housing which accommodates the horizontal screw. The shredder attachment with three directly driven rotary grinders is mounted on the horizontal screw housing. The rotary grinders with their attached shredding hooks reliably break down even challenging substrates and provide for consistent feeding. The push-off container with ejector is connected to the shredder attachment.
The inclined screw housing with the inclined screw inside is attached to the exit of the horizontal screw housing. The inclined screw transports the solid material upwards through the feed screw housing.
The feed screw feeds the solid feedstock into the digester.
Components of the screw housings that come into contact with the conveyor screw are protected against abrasion by replaceable plastic inserts.
The conveyor screws and planetary gears have a particularly sturdy and robust design. All parts prone to corrosion are made of V2A stainless steel.



The system is controlled by the main plant control system or the optional stand-alone control cabinet.
During normal operation, the EBT-T-FA-AM runs in automatic mode. All assemblies of the EBT-T-FA-AM can be controlled manually by preselecting the single operation switch and additionally the assembly switch.

Set the H-0-A switch at the operator panel to "Auto" or "Hand". In manual operation, the EBT-T-FA-AM will run for an indefinite period of time. In automatic mode, the EBT-T-FA-AM will operate at the intervals specified in the main control system. In automatic mode, you can start an additional interval at any time by pressing the "Start Intervall" button. The EBT-T-FA-AM starts to operate with the preset delay times in the following order:
- digester main conveyor screw
- rotary grinder I
- rotary grinder II
- rotary grinder III
- hydraulic assembly (ejector of the push-off container)

The delay times of the Easyfeeder Top FA with push-off container are necessary to prevent clogging of the EBT-T-FA-AM.


Scale to feed by weight


Technical data

Conveyor capacity: Up to 300-400 kg/min

Storage capacity
Easyfeeder Top FA with push-off container (EBT-T-FA-AM) type 25 / type 30 / type 35 / type 40
Storage capacity 25.00 m³ / 30.00 m³ / 35.00 m³ / 40.00 m³

Dimensions of the push-off container
Inside length of push-off container 5.00 m / 6.00 m / 7.00 m / 7.00 m
Inside width of push-off container 2.38 m / 2.38 m / 2.38 m / 2.78 m
Outside length 7.50 m / 8.50 m / 9.50 m / 9.50 m
Outside width 2.50 m / 2.50 m / 2.50 m / 2.90 m
Outside height 3.00 m / 3.00 m / 3.00 m / 3.00 m

Plant components
Hydraulic assembly
Drive: Electric motor 2.2 kW
Electrical connection: 230/400 V AC, 50 Hz
Control voltage: 24 V DC
Pump capacity: 6.2 l/min

Max. operating pressure: 220 bar
Hydraulic oil HLP (D) 46 DIN51524
Tank capacity: 50

Shredder attachment
Type: 2380 or 2780
Drive: parallel shaft gearmotor
Drive capacity: 7.5 kW
Output speed: 133 rpm
Electrical connection: 400 V AC, 50 Hz

Main conveyor screw
Drive: electric motor via coaxial planetary gear
Drive capacity: 15 kW
Output speed: 18.5 rpm
Electrical connection: 400 V AC, 50 Hz


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Datenblatt Einbringtechnik EBT Easyfeeder T-FA-AM_DE
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